BAU-556 Upper Receiver Assembly

SKU: BAU-556


The BAU-556 Upper Receiver is the best way to upgrade your existing AR-15 with lightweight, high-performance components by Brigand Arms and our partners. From the lapped receiver, to the ultralight handguard, to the balanced and adjustable competition-grade gas system, every part of this upper receiver ticks the performance up a level. Easy to install without a single tool, the BAU-556 can upgrade your existing M4-style rifle or serve as a lightweight and dependable platform to kick-start your custom build. Most owners find that this Upper Assembly reduces the weight of their rifle by 1.1 to 2.1 lbs. But lightweight alone can lead to jarring recoil and ringing – our adjustable gas system and integrated muzzle brake provide the perfect balance so the rifle has minimal recoil and faster cycling, while providing a firm and well-damped firing sequence.