Our Story

A “brigand” is a rebel. As such, you may run with a band of like-minded brothers, or you may prefer to go it alone… but one thing is certain: you don’t FOLLOW the rules – you MAKE the rules. This mentality is what gets us out of bed in the morning; it drives our decisions; it fuels our incessant push to make our next weapon better than our last, and to create the lightest, strongest weapons systems that technology can produce.

At BA, we get fired up about improving the status quo – making things better than they were before. Our line of ultralight forearms represents the cutting edge of modern weapons systems; the unique “braid” design is a PATENTED technology that allows us to build a truly superior weapons system for you. Of course, the BA technology is not for everyone – but we didn’t build it for everyone. We built it for the shooter who needs uncompromising performance day in and day out; for fellow rebels who prefer to blaze their own trail, and live on the bleeding edge of performance.

Lightest carbon fiber handguards