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About Brigand Arms


True innovation only happens when we reject the status quo to blaze a new path and make new rules. Brigand Arms was founded to take materials that were previously reserved for space exploration and bring them to the firearms industry. Our flagship lattice material created a polarizing reaction when it was first released – people either love it or hate it – but we didn’t build it for everyone. We built it for the shooter who needs uncompromising performance day in and day out; for fellow rebels who prefer to blaze their own trail, and live on the bleeding edge of performance.

In 2021 our fabrication process was re-designed to give our team complete control over the manufacturing process. Every NOAX handguard is built in Birmingham, Alabama by specialized machines developed for that purpose. Our molding and bonding processes are performed by technicians with years of composites manufacturing experience. Aerospace-grade American carbon fiber and optimized, machine-controlled interlacing contributes to the unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio and durability of all Brigand Arms parts.

Maximize Your Performance with the Enhancements of Carbon Fiber.