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The weight of each Brigand Arms component is now listed on the store pages for each product.


The short story is that Brigand Arms handguards are as strong, or stronger, than aluminum guards – they just cost more to create! For reference, under controlled laboratory tests, our ultralight handguards can support a force of 90 pounds in any direction, and 600 pounds along their length – more than even extreme users require.

15″ Failure
Compression: 1640 lbs.
Tensile: 630 lbs.
Cantilever Bend 90 lbs.

Thread Count

Both our .223 and .308 barrel nuts use the standard Yankee Hill thread count.

Barrel Nut Torque

Recommended torque is 30-40 ft-lbs, as with any aluminum barrel nut. A small spot of moly grease (e.g. aeroshell 64/33ms) is recommended, but not required. If you get to full torque and the gas port is not quite aligned, simply loosen and re-tighten the nut until it creeps into place.

Carbon Fiber

Brigand Arms’ signature NOAX handguard is comprised of intermediate modulus carbon fiber tows, formed into a lattice that minimizes weight and maximizes stiffness and strength. Our proprietary finishing process provides a smooth surface, prevents cracking (common in filament wound handguards), and eliminates splinters (common in roll-wrapped handguards).

Other Questions:

Return Policy

We will cover your return shipping cost! Our goal is to provide you with technology that you are 100% pleased with. If you receive your handguard and wish to return it for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we will take care of it. No questions asked.


Absolutely! Email some form of verification or credentials to [email protected] and we will get you set up.

Tightening the Jam Nut

Once the handguard is ‘clocked’ to the desired angle and the jamb nut is hand-tight, simply give the jam nut a tap with a flathead screwdriver to lock it into place. Any “Standard Spanner wrench”, or, “AR15 Armorer’s Wrench” will work to install the barrel nut and jam nut – we recommend our BAAR tool.


Yes, the rails take well to Cerakote! It is OK, but usually not necessary, to soda-blast the carbon or lightly scrub it with Scotch-Brite. Because it lifts foreign matter off the surface, we find that 90% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol cleans carbon better than acetone. We recommend baking at a max of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for H-series Cerakote. C-series air-cure also bonds exceptionally well to clean carbon fiber.

300 Blackout? 6.5 Grendel? 9mm Carbine?

Yes! Your firearm probably uses the M4 receiver, so you should order the “AR-15” barrel nut option when you get your handguard. You will have to remove your current barrel nut and install the Brigand barrel nut.

Piston System Compatible?

Generally, no. Specifically we have tried the Adams Arms piston design and found that it is not compatible with our barrel nut system.

Mounting Accessories?

Yes! Our NOAX adapter plates allow you to mount M-LOK or Pic Rail accessories. They efficiently maintain zero for precise accessories like laser aiming devices or range finders. The plates also provide high strength to support general accessories like grips, flashlights, slings studs, bipods. The only thing they are not good for is back up iron sites (BUIS). If you want to use BUIS, please use Atlas. It is developed specifically for BUIS.


Absolutely, we’ve got you covered. Email: [email protected] with your inquiry.

Installation Instructions