“One word to describe this thing, awesome. The rail is tough, comfortable, easy to install and amazingly light. This was my first but will not be my last.”

- Austin Hull

“Very light, robust and conducive to barrel cooling. Carbon fiber mesh dampens vibrations, so there’s much less point of impact shift… I’ve been converting most of my rifles to Brigand Arms.”

- Oleg Volk

“I’ve always been a lover of carbon fiber in all forms (except for splinters in my skin…) This handguard is unbelievable light and rigid. I haven’t been this exited abut a new gun part in a looooong time!”

- Lee Bargeron

I purchased the 12″ length Brigand blade handguard for an ATI Omni Hybrid AR-15 .410ga Shotgun. Once you determine this is the right handguard for your use, then the price becomes secondary. The Brigand handguard was easy to install, and the strength of the handguard is second to none. I was also surprised at how comfortable the handguard is to grasp. With the optional rail attachment, it was easy to install a Crimson Trace laser to the handguard. Great form, great function, and a great look. This is a unique one-of-a-kind handguard, and well worth the investment!

- Greg

“Great product very light weight and durable use it in my three gun match can definitely tell the difference.the grip in your hand feels secure it’s not slippery. Fun to use And the carbon fibers strong.”

- Best (TN)

“Form and function are the perfect definition of this handguard. Super light weight, rigid, functional all comes together in a beautiful package. I am seriously pleased with this product. The installation instructions are clear & easy to follow.”

- Mixtli (KS)



RECOIL Magazine:

“While the handguard is amazingly light, I was equally curious on the strength. BA uses T700 carbon that is shrouded in an all-weather protective jacket. The composite is essentially a braided composite yarn in a lattice that is extremely strong. In fact, their SHOT Show display has a 40 pound dumbbell hanging from the end. In laboratory tests, the handguard withstood 100-pounds of force at the end in any direction.”

ARMS GUIDE: 2017 SHOT Show Review:

“So it’s lightweight, and that’s easy to do right? Making something light and strong is the challenge. At SHOT today they had their rails on display, including one holding a 40-pound weight. It didn’t bend, break, move, or budge.”

Firearms Radio Network:

Listen to Firearms Radio Network’s AR-15 Podcast interview of Ross Wesson of Brigand Arms.