Lightweight BCG


To help you build the ultimate AR, Brigand Arms is proud to offer firearm parts from our partner manufacturers. We use these parts in our own builds. In our opinion they represent the best the industry has to offer.


Iron City Rifleworks is a leader in bolt carrier design and precision machining. These bolts are not lightweight just to save weight: they provide a fine balance between lower weight for better cycling while maintaining enough pass for years of reliable cycling. The C4V is a proprietary version of TiN which provides excellent wear resistance with a hardness of 2600 Vickers. One look at our C4V and you will know this is not your average TiN – it will last for thousands of rounds and barely requires lubricant  . With a coefficient of friction 0.4 and only 2 microns thick, this BCG is a major improvement over its competitors.  Matched with the Iron City Rifleworks Tacdriver Bolt, made of SAE 930 steel, you can be confident you have the very best.