Low Profile Gas System Kit


When you strip your rifle down to the barrel to install a handguard, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your gas system. Most modern handguards (including all Brigand Arms guards) require a low-profile gas block. It’s critical on lightweight builds to ensure you have an adjustable block to reduce the recoil and improve cycle time. This installation kit includes a lightweight and adjustable gas system. With the optional armorer’s wrench it includes every tool you need to make your handguard installation a success (we also recommend a torque wrench, vice, and vice blocks).

  • Click-Adjust Low Profile Gas Block

    The Aero Precision Adjustable Gas Block allows the user to finely tune their gas system for any application. This is particularly useful for managing excess gas to reduce blowback on suppressed firearms, or competition builds where the shooter is looking to mitigate recoil.

  • Melonite Gas Tube

    Melonite Gas Tube for AR15 & AR10 rifles
    2 Coiled Roll pin included (not the cheap slotted ones that always split)
    Pistol length 6.75″, Carbine length 9.75″, Mid length 11.75″, Rifle length 15.25″
    Made in the USA

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