ATLAS Handguard | NOAX


The handguard is the most visible and most handled part of a rifle: the one you choose will define the style, weight, ergonomics, and performance of your AR-10 or AR-15 firearm. Ultra-lightweight is only the starting point for what our NOAX handguards offer. Aerospace carbon fiber make this guard stronger than aluminum at below half the weight. The lattice structure provides a solid and repeatable grip and allows versatile accessory mounting at almost any angle. It insulates your forehand and provides airflow ensures superior barrel cooling rates for accuracy even in sustained fire.  For precision shooting, our free-floating barrel nut puts no pressure on the barrel and will never change your point of impact. We know that’s a lot to promise, that’s why we back these claims with our industry leading warranty. We offer the NOAX handguard in lengths from 7” to 15” to match your shooting style and rifle setup. The carbon lattice material is complemented by our deep-black hard-anodized aluminum end-caps which allow easy mounting to your upper receiver and protect the leading edge from impact.